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Raising Your North Star

This DVD focuses on training a puppy for work as an Assistance Dog for a child with autism or related challenges. Selection of appropriate temperament is explored, and training techniques to promote bonding, shadowing, and tracking are shared.

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The clip is 1 minute and 51 seconds.
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Northern Lights

This DVD documents several therapists that incorporate North Star dogs within their programs. It contains footage of sessions with a behavioral therapist, speech therapist and physical therapist working with children with developmental disorders and their North Star dogs.
(Photo by Lorraine Fox Costanzo)

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Home Before Dark

This DVD features advanced training techniques for adolescent North Star dogs that are slated to work with children with developmental disabilities. Training a dog for blocking a child in flight is reviewed, along with games you can play with a dog to help to introduce and strengthen early search and rescue skills. Thoughts are shared on how to build a happy family life despite having a child with a challenge.

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Facing the North Wind

This DVD offers ways a North Star dog can help a child to deal with a loss or adjust to a difficult transition. Animal-Assisted Therapy is discussed and a psychologist is interviewed about how a parent can use a well bred and well trained dog to gently help a child to cope. Alert behavior is examined and techniques to increase the odds of North Star puppies alerting to their children's low blood sugar and seizures is explored, along with trained responses to these conditions.

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