North Star's Pennies for Puppies

Puppies for PenniesNorth Star Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to breeding, training and placing Assistance Dogs with children who face challenges to help them to achieve their social, emotional and educational goals.

North Star offers any interested school or organization the opportunity to participate in a new educational program we’ve established called “Pennies for Puppies”.  To participate, children in the school/organization collect as many pennies as they can to support our puppy raising program; when they are done, Patty Dobbs Gross will personally come to visit with a North Star puppy in tow to thank them personally for their pennies, presenting a short program to the children about how North Star puppies are trained to work with the children they serve.  This program is designed to empower the children in terms of making a difference by raising funds as well as to educate them about the challenges their peers may face, such as autism or related developmental disabilities.  We believe there is no better way to create tolerance for the children’s challenged classmates than through the eyes of a puppy being trained to help.    

Information on North Star Foundation’s placements with children is available on our website at; lingering questions are happily answered by sending a post to Patty Dobbs Gross at

It takes a village to raise a child with a challenge; sometimes it also takes someone kind enough to raise funds as well as awareness…


Pennies for PuppiesPatty Dobbs Gross
Executive Director
North Star Foundation
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"We help children find their way..."

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